Becoming a notary

A South Australian legal practitioner of at least five years’ standing, who holds a practising certificate, may apply to the Supreme Court of South Australia for admission as a notary public.

The applicant must be conversant with the following legislation and rules:

And the following texts:

  • Zablud, Principles of Notarial Practice, 2nd edition (The Notary Press 2016) (essential)

  • Ready, Brooke’s Notary, any recent edition (Sweet & Maxwell) (desirable).

The applicant must have successfully completed one of the following courses of study:

This Protocol for Admission as a Notary Public may provide guidance for the procedural requirements of an application for admission. This Protocol is merely a guide and does not purport to cover all requirements exhaustively. The applicant should exercise individual judgment as to the content of his/her application.

The newly-admitted notary should apply to join the Society by downloading and submitting this membership application form.