Seeing a member of the Notaries Society of South Australia

If you need to see a Notary, the Society provides the following information for your guidance:

  • Do not expect to see a Notary without first making an appointment.
  • You will need to show the Notary evidence of identity e.g. a current and valid passport or driver’s licence with photographic identification.
  • The Notary may be able to provide a fee estimate over the telephone but, until the Notary sees the document(s) and matter in hand, it is often not possible to give an accurate fee estimate.
  • If the document is not in English, you will need to establish whether the Notary will require a translation to be obtained first.
  • The Notary will need to be satisfied that you understand the document you are signing. If you do not understand the contents of the document, you may need legal advice which a Notary who is a member of the Society will be able to provide.
  • You should give the Notary any instructions you may have received from the foreign country so that the Notary can endeavour to ensure that the requirements of the foreign country are satisfied.
  • If you are able to send a copy of the required document to the Notary before your visit, this will save time and possibly expense.